22222Dear parents,

October was a very busy month for the Preschool. We organized a field trip to the Esat Fire Station in relation with the Fire Safety Theme. It was nice to see the big Fire Trucks and Fire fighters who let us ride the Fire trucks and told us how to prevent fire; they also taught us how to dial their number in case of an emergency.
Orange day was full of fun and I’m sure everybody knows what orange is. Thank you all for remembering our colour day.
We had a wonderful Halloween Party. “Trick or Treat” was so much fun for each one of us. Our school was full of princesses, batmen, spidermen, pumpkins and witches, thanks to the many inspiring costumes. I’m really proud of my children’s first performance. We’ll have three more performances during this year and I’m sure you will notice the improvement in their self-confidence by the end of the school term, thanks to these performances.33333

44444We celebrated the Republican Day on October 28 and Mrs. Didem Soyuyuce (Ares’ mother from the ON class). We talked about Ataturk and how he founded the Turkish Republic. Thank you Mrs. Didem.
On Friday, November 26, our children will celebrate Thanksgiving by having their own Thanksgiving Lunch. Our children will gather as Pilgrims and Indians. We will prepare our children’s costumes and will be happy to invite one parent for each child to have lunch with us. Our children will eat Turkey Sandwich, Carrots, Popcorn, Pumpkin Pie and Apple Juice just like the Pilgrims and Indians ate together. We will talk about the things that we are thankful for on that day and I’m sure that all of them will say “moms and dads”!!!!!


Indians taught the Pilgrims, the first group of settlers from England, how to plant seeds, to prepare food, to find fishing spots, and to speak the Indian language. Cooperation and hospitality brought a happy ending to that first year, 55555which led to a celebration of Thanksgiving by America’s native dwellers and first group of settlers from England.77777


 We’d love to “Reuse”. Please provide jars, plastic bottles, egg cartoons, etc.
 Due to the temperature changes children are more vulnerable to sicknesses. Please send your child with appropriate and labeled clothing. I would like to remind you our illness policy in order to provide a jerm free environment for our children.
 Halloween pictures are ready at the office. We have framed (80 TL) and nonframed (30TL) photos this year. Please contact the office if you want to order.
 November 9: Field Trip to Ms. Ebru’s farm for a Traffic Safety Course

 November 29: Brown Day & Chocolate Party! Please make sure that your child has something brown on that day.
 November 24: Thanksgiving Feast (No school after the party)
 November 25: No school


Transportation & Traffic Safety
Donation & Recycle


Bahar Bicer November 6
Defne Gürcan November 11
Mohammad Redha Nawabdin November 12
Rıza Ozdogan November 14

Happy Birthday to you all !!!!!!

Ebru Erbilgin

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