Dear Parents,
March was a very busy month at the Preschool with the World Book Week, Book Character Costume Parade and Dr Seuss Birthday. We enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss books and made projects for his birthday. We had some volunteer parents who read us books at the storytime.


We all visited the BESA library and had an enjoyable time with the


librarian Mrs. Ann Kardas who was a great story teller.


We had two guest students from BESA for two weeks for their Work Experience Week. They enjoyed assisting the ON and KG teachers and interacting with the kids. We were also visited by Mr. Ken Page, the headmaster of BESA, and two other BESA administrators. They gained a lot of insight about how we were implementing the British early years program in our school.

World Math Day was so much fun with numbers, shapes, and making additions. At A Day in the Upper Grade, the parents had the chance to observe what their kids would be doing as they moved to the upper grade in the coming school year.

We started Yoga for Kids with Mrs. Zeynep Akman every Wednesday afternoon. Our little yogis showed great interest in this new experience. By practicing yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better.

On the last day of March, we had our traditional Egg Hunt at the school garden. It was so much fun to find the eggs filled with M&Ms hidden
by the Easter Bunny.

 April 20: International Costume Parade. Please send in your children with his/her national costume on that day.
 April 21: International Day. We invite our “International Parents” to participate and introduce their countries to our kids. It is such a gift for our children to learn about different countries at this early age. This year we have families from UK, Malaysia, Libya, Belgium, France, Algeria, Japan, China, South Sudan, South Africa, Burundi, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Qatar, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Turkey.
 April 28: Blue Day
 You will find a “Donation Box” at the entrance. Please bring unused items such as clothes, toys, etc. We would like to teach our children the importance of sharing.

Different People from all around the World
International Day
Children’s Day
Earth Day
Donation & Recycle
Color of the month; Blue

Fathi Elfartas April 3
Ege Erdil April 8
Nehir Ozogluoz April 11
Sam Rombaut April 30

Happy Birthday to you all!


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