Year One

Love, Learning, Laugter

Your child’s date of birth must be  2014-2015 to attend this class. Kindergarten is an important step to start the school life. In kindergarten students achieve life skills and get an idea of themselves within a group of classmates. We are always amazed to watch the improvement in their self-confidence and their ability to learn from different sources such as teachers, curriculum materials, nature, experiments and peers. They take pride in these new achievements. We expect our kindergarteners to achieve the ability to work with others, seek adult guidance when needed, follow instructions, resolve conflicts peacefully and most important of all a Love of Learning.


09:00-09:30  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids
09:30-10:15  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics
10:15-10:30  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack
10:30-11:00  Outside  Outside  Outside  Outside  PE Class
11:00-11:35  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time
11:35-12:15  Big Room  Big Room  Big Room  Big Room  Big Room
12:15-12:40  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
12:40-13:30  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time
13:30-14:00  Music-Orff Method  Library  Math-Mental Aritmetic & Chess  Science  Yoga & Dance
14:00-14:15  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack
14:15-15:40  Art & Comp.  Ceramics & Comp.  Art & Comp.  Cooking & Comp.  Drama
14:50-15:30  Outside  Outside  Outside  Outside  Outside