Love, Learning, Laughter

Your child’s date of birth must be 2016 to attend this class.
The Reception program is introducing and reinforcing basic concepts and essential life-skills through highly varied activities. Language and communication skills such as speaking, listening, and physical – expression are accomplished through reading times, group discussions, songs, finger plays and dramatic movements. Children learn to participate and have fun in-group activities. Yet through various projects build confidence in their ability to begin to accomplish working independently in a caring and nurturing environment, in which positive behavior is rewarded and accolades, and in which the children blossom and thrive.


09:00-09:30  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids
09:30-10:00  Outside Outside  Outside  PE Class  Outside
10:00-10:15  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack
10:15-11:00  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics  Jolly Phonics
11:00-11:30  Big Room  Big Room  Big Room  Big Room  Big Room
11:30-12:00  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time
12:00-12:30  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
12:30-13:30  Rest Time  Rest Time  Rest Time  Rest Time  Rest Time
13:30-14:00  Art & Comp.  Ceramics & Comp. Art & Comp.  Cooking & Comp.  Drama
14:10-14:15  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack  Snack
14:15-14:50 Outside Outside Outside Outside Outside
14:50-15:30  Music-Orff Method Library  Math-Mental Arithmetic   Science  Yoga & Dance