Toddler Group

Love, Learning, Laughter

Your child’s date of birth must be 2019-2020 to attend this class.
Our Toddler Group program aims to provide a warm, friendly and safe environment for children where they can participate in various activities in a stimulating atmosphere. Here they will learn as they play, enjoy the company of other children, interact, socialize, establish relations with adults who are not family, take part in groups where everyone is precious and age, race, gender, cultural background or special needs do not matter. Their character will develop with adult encouragement and support, they will become self-confident and more independent as they choose from a wide variety of activities and learn to manage themselves away from their parents/caregivers. In preparation for school they will become more acquainted with letters, colors and numbers in a focused play environment.


09:00-09:30  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids  Gym 4Kids
09:30-10:10   Snack  Snack   Snack   Snack   Snack
10:10-10:30  Circle Time  Circle Time  Circle Time  Circle Time  Circle Time
10:30-11:00  PE Class  Outside  Outside  Outside  Outside
11:00-11:30  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time  Project Time
11:30-12:00  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
12:10-12:30  Reading & Dance w/Baby Einstein  Reading & Dance w/Baby Einstein  Reading & Dance w/Baby Einstein  Reading & Dance w/Baby Einstein  Reading & Dance w/Baby Einstein