Dear Parents,

In January, our traditional Teddy Bear Picnic was very enjoyable. Our children had so much fun as they learned another good manner “sharing”. I would like to thank to all of our parents for sending in delicious yummy treats.

On February 14, we will celebrate the Valentine’s Day Party with our parents with fun activities. We will focus on ‘friendship’. So the kids will prepare Valentine’s cards for their dear friends in their class.

In February, we will talk about careers and occupations of our parents. Our children would love to meet doctors, engineers, dancers, architects, basketball players, and all. So your contribution is important for us. We will invite some of our parents to come and tell us about their jobs. Our children gets excited and happy when they see their parents at school.

 Please remember to label all your child’s clothing and indoor shoes to prevent any confusion.

 As long as the weather permits, we take our children outside twice a day. Please send your child with appropriate clothing (winter outerwear, hat, mittens and scarf).
 You will find a “Donation Box” at the entrance. Please bring unused items such as clothes, toys, etc. We would like to teach our children the importance of sharing.
 In case of heavy snow, the local authorities (the governor of Ankara) might close the schools due to unsafe road conditions. So we will be closed as well. Please check our website regularly, for announcements.
 January 30-February 10: Individual Parent-Teacher Meetings
 February 14: Valentine’s Day Party (parents are invited)
 February 15-24: Meet the Parents at Work
 February 24: Pink Day
 February 28: 100th day of School (Pre-K & KG)

Valentine’s Day
Meet the Parents at Work
Donation & Recycle
Color of the month: Pink

Lavin Oguz – YN February 18
Tshiamo Sebapo – PreK February 21

Happy Birthday to you all!!


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